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481.You eat the arm of Meladei 0
482.Kewlin vs Dimhiri 11m1coftw
483.Berserker (op) vs. Healer (gimp) 4Tkarg
484.boom goes the dynamite 7ewils03
485.OP thief kills OP Berserker 4m1coftw
486.Kitty shows her claws 20Nycticora
487.Verbal Lobotomy aka Converting the Wicked 7Davairus
488.Daryth, the Giant Priest snarls 'Here comes the pain!' 6Exphlament
489.Cowering Knight 11Zrthac
490.FML 2Stephen2Aus
491.Ouch @ timing 1Zrthac
492.Bargfest 1Zrthac
493.Shiyun vs Weawin 1Domi
494.Training purify + nerd RP vol 2 0
495.Training stake 3Kornhole
496.Shiyun vs Ilrina 0
497.Fun while it lasts! 0
498.Fun while it lasted! 2ewils03
499.Drakkin and Goron vs. Grazztyn 9Mr. Forgotten
500.Shiyun vs Kewlin 0