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161.kiankai vs yuden 2Yuden
162.Athedius vs. Yuden 2Athedius
163.Ardun vs Yuden 3Yuden
164.ardun 37 vs kallex 34 4Ergorion
165.can't win for the sake of winning. 5Nycticora
166.worst luck pking 9Faelon
167.Draen is introduced to Zintam's barrier and reduced to dust yet again. 3Lorne
168.Expanding and Decorating Lairs 1Ergorion
169.Lair Mechanics 0
170.Trelanya elf healer 50 vs Athedius half elf ranger 50 2Cirem
171.Heraldry Fun 2Nycticora
172.nighty night Irene 5Guugrog
173.warrior 27 vs paladin 27 2Weiss back is a bitch 5Trealzebub
175.AFK RAPED 6Vertas
176.smokin thieves. 1Junney
177.Trip wire bug 4Davairus
178.47 Trealzebub vs. 50 Taor 2Vertas
179.Dead quasit 21Faelon fucking hell 45Vevier