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161.Eox vs Khyron 0
162.Rhalmmda vs Dluldor 3Davairus
163.Tenors vs Tenors: let's see who's better at running blind 17Kedaleam
164.Rhalmmda vs The outlaw! 0
165.Rhalmmda vs Agrus 0
166.Rhalmmda prefers shurikens to sanctuary 7Davairus
167.Cedowyl & Auhror vs Rhalmmda (or, "Bad Timing") 1Kedaleam
168.Gradible vs Rugorn 15Faelon
169.Gradible vs golem 13Nycticora
170.Gnome smoothie 14Davairus
171.Vampire gets dunked 9tayyah
172.Khaelgorn gets assassinated 18Moondog
173.How did I not die? 2Kato
174.Jesus rose up on Easter, but Jomino went down 3beia
175.Kiuril is dead!! But common sense prevails in the end. 5Faelon
176.SMITE 10Davairus
177.51 hitroll 50 damroll zerker get smoked smoked 6Lorne
178.I had to pee 2Cyprian
179.Jomino takes out Sunnon (Kiuril shows her true colors) 6Bladefurry
180.Jomino takes out Belan (Belan talks shit and gets hit) 5DigitalText