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121.this 6Nycticora
122.When a n00b duels 5Bladefurry
123.Nico vs Agrerrogod (stream) 1Agrerrogod
124.Bards punching Knights 6Nycticora
125.mishtkah vs agrerrogod 0
126.Punching Monks 0
127.Jomino takes out Numlak 12tayyah
128.Drasher vs Thamu (stream) 7Nycticora
129.Mishtkah vs Ederiwyn (long) 0
130.Mishtkah vs Kang The final fight 0
131.Mishtkah vs Grabblax 6Mishtkah
132.Gotta love that slash 8Nycticora
133.In which I can't chase AT ALL, but ran away blind pretty well 21Nadrin
134.when Unstoppable yin meets Unstoppable yang 11DigitalText
135.Brains are great 10Davairus
136.Dogen v squids necro 10Mishtkah
137.Mishtkah vs Kang 30Vanisse
138.Davairus's charm 73Nycticora
139.Stuck between Kang and Starvation 1Kedaleam
140.kang v duswine. 3Ozaru