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121.Ladoga vs Dhaartnab (not very edited) 0
122.The creation of Dhaartnab 0
123.Thug life... 9lolath
124.It's not rape, it's surprise buttsex 4Raukh
125.Mazush (in red dragon) vs Orus 19Mazush
126.Luthir 50 vs Grakkus 25 6Grakkus
127.Keepers = The New Legion? 60Kedaleam
128.So ya - avoid Storm Hill if you're anathema 1Davairus
129.Surprise attack did not end well for Lucide 3Nycticora
130.Nico vs Dhaartnab (stream) 4Nico
131.Auhror vs Luthir - (Stream) - (Round 1 and Round 2) 0
132.Ingra vs Gradible (edited) 2Gradible
133.Ingra VS Kiuril (Stream/Edited) 2Ingra
134.Gradible Vs Cedowyl (EDITED OUT THE RUNNING) 14Davairus
135.Grilidan Vs Eox 2Vlexquil
136.Nico VS Ingra (No Edit / from Stream) 0
137.dwarf with an attitude (stream no edit) 5Gradible
138.And this is why you should pay attention to Sanctuary... 0
139.Eox vs Khyron 0
140.Rhalmmda vs Dluldor 3Davairus