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501.Morthil vs Voglin 7Andrael
502.Voglin gets (WANTED). 3Voglin
503.Darzan v Marest 13Nadrin
504.Darzan vs. Yddrid 0
505.Marest V Darzan 6curisq
506.Voglin and Lorne slug it out 9Lorne
507.Ending Only - Voglin vs Darzan 10Voglin
508.That did not work out how I planned it 7Dahn
509.As close as they come. Etel vs Uvet 0
510.Throw, Chii Bolt 7Tatsu
511.not nekked w/aura vs. Lorne 10Lorne
512.nekked w/o aura beats fully geared Legion 13m1coftw
513.Why is this allowed 27Mikoos
514.Etel vs Lexian 8Kornhole
515.Rohandric vs Chenzen (friendly duel) 0
516.Tylon gets assassinated. Zerker Style. 1Kornhole
517.Tylon vs Lexian 2Ergorion
518.Garv vs Darzavius and Kerinder 9Ceridwel
519.Palvros gets ganked by 2 monks. 9Davairus
520.Bfornmak vs Chym 2Chym